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The 19 Best Electric Longboards

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The 20 Best Electric Longboards

When it comes to the best ways of getting around town, there is little that compares with the electric longboard. There’s no pedaling or pushing required, and you simply pick it up and take it inside wherever you’re going. There are, of course, a few things to keep in mind before settling on the board that’s right for you. 

Belt-Driven vs. Hub Driven

When it comes to powering your longboard, you have a couple of options. The first is what they call hub-drive. As you can imagine by the name, the hub-drive is a small motor built inside the skateboard wheel. Very often, with a hub-drive board, both rear wheels will be pushing you forward. However, sometimes all four wheels are powered to give you off-road all-wheel-drive power or with a small commuter board, sometimes only one wheel. While the hub-drive is usually less powerful than the belt drive motor, it benefits by keeping all the moving parts securely contained inside the hub. It’s also not as evident that you’re riding an electric board, for places where you may not want to flash that around. The second option is the belt-drive, quite literally a board-mounted motor that turns a belt that turns the wheels. They tend to be the more powerful option, but as the belts are usually exposed, they wear out and require replacing from time to time. They also make it very apparent that you are riding an electric board, and some municipalities don’t really like that on public streets. 

Power Supply

The most common battery packs you will find on electric longboards are lithium-ion, and they do a good job of it. However, you want to look for the name brand batteries when choosing your ride. While some no-name power packs do a fine job, selecting a Sanyo, a Sony, or a Panasonic is a quick shortcut to ensure that you have a good battery. 


Most electric longboard wheels are made from polyurethane (PU). The same sort used on skateboards and rollerskates, only a little larger to allow for a faster ride. Now, if you plan to take your longboard through trails, you will need to look for something different. Some PU wheels are large enough to roll through a bit of gravel, but if it’s a regular destination, you want to get a set of airless rubber wheels. These are like the monster truck wheels of electric longboarding; they go anywhere. Some longboards are versatile and give you a set of each, but many do not have the ability to swap tread-types, so pay attention to the fine print. 

Now that we’ve covered a few of the things you should evaluate when selecting the right longboard for you, here is our list of the 19 best electric longboards

1. Exway Flex

This board lets you have everything you want for an incredible price. The design uses optimized flex patterns that allow the deck’s wider sections to have a lower flex for more stability. In contrast, the narrower waist has more flexibility for a smoother ride. Pair all of that with alternating layers of multi-directional fiberglass and bamboo to make for a ridiculously-tough and elastic deck. Of course, the drivetrain is also completely swappable, it has a top speed of 25-MPH, and it only weighs 16.5 lbs. We haven’t even mentioned the app that gives you total control of multiple drive-modes. Or the wholly redesigned comfort-wheels. Or even the SONY VTC 6 high-capacity battery with a precision galvanometer to monitor available charge to within 1 percent, so you always know what’s going on. We put this one at the top because it’s consistently number one in so many categories.


  • Swappable battery
  • Turbo feature
  • Swappable drive train
  • IP55 water-resistant
  • Flex Deck
  • Exway Trist Truck
  • Dampening sandpaper
  • Wireless remote control
  • Sony VTC 6 high-capacity 18650 battery cells


  • Top speed: 25 mph
  • Weight: 16.5 lbs
  • 30% hill grade climbing capability
  • Charging time: 4h 40min
  • Braking mode: regenerative braking

2. Teamgee H20T Electric Skateboard With Rubber Wheels

The good folks at Teamgee did something truly extraordinary when they added the T to the H20. To be fair, the H20 is a pretty incredible platform to be working with, and you could be forgiven for thinking, why tinker with something that solid. With its eight-layers of maple and one layer of fiberglass, its got a deck that holds you tight while allowing you to carve brilliantly. So as you can imagine, they started with that. Next, they swapped out the regular wheels for some 4-inch airless rubber ones that give you a smoother ride and incredible grip even on wet streets. The two 600-watt hub motors are the same as the H20 and carry over the four-speed-modes that allow you to shift between regular acceleration and the racecar-like turbo mode of H+. However, the battery has been upgraded to a 9.6-amp-hour Sanyo. It charges fully in less than four hours and will take you about 22-miles away from wherever you start. With a top speed of 26-mph and a weight of 21-lbs, the H20T has earned its place near the top of the list.


  • 90-day warranty
  • Can go up 30% grade hills
  • 4-speed modes
  • 4 braking modes
  • Board made of 8-ply Canadian Maple and 1-ply fiberglass
  • IP54 waterproof
  • Go from 0 to 26 mph in 3-5 seconds
  • Designed for comfortable riding


  • Top speed: 26 mph
  • Size: 38″
  • Weight: 21 lbs
  • Range: 22 miles
  • Charging time: 3-4 hours
  • Maximum load: 286 lbs

3. Backfire Zealot Belt Drive Electric Skateboard

To begin, the Zealot runs on a belt-driven motor. Meaning if you like swapping wheels to fit the terrain, you have more options than you can imagine. However, it also means it’s much more apparent that you are riding an electric board compared to the more subtle hub-driven variety. Definitely, a consideration if you’re trying to skate under the radar. Of course, the Zealot tucks those drives under the deck instead of sticking them out the back, which will probably help a bit. This Backfire board comes ready to roll with a 311-Wh super-sized battery that performs with no voltage sage throughout a 22-mile range. The top speed clocks in at a respectable 28.5-mph, and the total weight of the ultra-flexible bamboo/fiberglass deck, motors, trucks, and wheels comes in at 17.6-lbs. If you’re a longboard purest looking to try an electric, the Zealot will not disappoint.


  • 2 x 750W high-torque motors
  • Flexible bamboo and fiberglass deck construction
  • LED ambient light
  • 21700 Battery cells
  • 180 days warranty
  • Wireless remote with OLED display


  • Range: 22 miles
  • Top speed: 28.5 mph

4. Verreal RS Electric Skateboard & Longboard

The Verreal Board company is one of the fastest-growing companies in this space. And while they do make a phenomenal product, the number one reason they maintain immense loyalty with their clientele is customer service. The team at Verreal Boards don’t let messages go unanswered, and that goes a long way. Now, about the R.S. This guy is an amazing belt-drive powered board that feels like a proper California longboard. It’s got the 3.5-inch wheels that come in either grey or orange, and that’s not where the choices stop. You can choose either the 36T(5M-260mm-15mm) or the 44T(5M-290mm-15mm) when it comes to the belt. And probably most excitingly, you get to select the battery that meets your needs. You can currently choose either the 10Ah 10S4P Standard Battery, the 12Ah 104P Samsung 30Q Battery, the 12.8Ah 104P Panasonic Battery, the 14Ah Samsung 35E Battery Pack, or the 19.2Ah Tesla Battery Pack. However, they all come with the ergonomic Hobbywing Remote with 3 Speeds, 2.4G transmission, and the Oled Display Screen. Plus, every configuration comes with regenerative braking to send power back to the battery.


  • Dual 6368 Belt Motor 1500 Watt x 2
  • Ergonomic remote
  • Regenerative braking
  • 3-speeds
  • 7-ply Canadian Maple and 2-ply bamboo deck construction


  • Top speed: 27 mph
  • Range: 22 mph
  • Max load: 330 lbs

5. Raldey Off-Road MT-V3 Electric Longboard

Into everyone’s life, a little electric longboard off-roading should come. Sure, longboards were made for long, smooth, winding roads, but they can be pretty capable off-road riders with the right mods. One look at the Radley Off-Road MT-V3, and you’ll think you’re seeing an updated Mars Rover. We wouldn’t be surprised if they have a hand in a future design bound for the Red Planet. Two rear-mounted belt-drive motors power the MT-V3, and you get to choose between a set of hardy 6.5-inch or the even hardier 7.5-inch airless rubbers to bob along on. The board itself is made from ultra-strong 100 percent Japanese T700 Carbon fiber, covered in a honeycomb grip to help keep you planted. The 14Ah 36V SANYO GA battery will give you 19-miles on a single charge, with a top speed of 28.5-mph with the larger tire option.


  • Sanyo GA battery
  • High rebound, shock-absorbing wheels
  • IP55 Waterproof rating
  • 30% max climbing grade
  • 8-layers Canadian maple deck construction


  • Max speed: 29 mph
  • Range: 12 mph
  • Rated power: 900W x 2
  • Charging time: 3-4 hours
  • Weight: 18.74 lbs
  • Length: 38.58 inches

6. Loaded Boards Unlimited Electric Skateboard Kit DYI

Not so much an electric-board as a DIY project, this kit gives you everything you need to turn your favorite longboard into an electric dynamo. And let’s face it, one of the best parts of skateboard/longboard culture is the ability to trick out your board the way to want. The kit gives you two 90-Wh lithium-ion batteries and four wheels, one concealing a powerful hub-motor. You also get an ergonomic hand control and all the extra bits you need to fasten the included parts to your deck of choice. Now, obviously, the weight of your board will affect the top speed, but you should expect to get up to about 23-mph over a 13-mile range. The kit components will add an extra 6.6-lbs to whatever weight you have with your deck and trucks.


  • 9 degree uphill climb capability
  • Modular design – fits almost any deck
  • User tunable


  • Max speed: 23 mph
  • Weight: 6.6 lbs
  • Motor power: 840 W (1680 W, race)
  • Max weight load: 240 lbs

7. SKATEBOLT Breeze II Electric Longboard

Absolutely one of our favorite beginner electric longboards, the Breeze II has enough power and range that you won’t find you’re ready for an upgrade after the first month, like many other beginner boards. It’s also stylish enough that you won’t look like a total noob even on the Santa Monica bike path. The deck is made from bamboo and two layers of glass fiber, a type of reinforced plastic. The power supply is a 6000mAh Samsung 30Q lithium battery that gives you a range of 15-miles. The dual wheel hub-drive motors are capable of a top speed of 28-mph, and the board comes with a set of 3.5-inch and 4-inch wheels. There is also a set of LED lights on the back to ensure a safe ride home after the sun goes down.


  • 4-speed modes
  • 6000mAh Samsung 30Q lithium battery
  • Dual 350 W motors
  • Regenerating brakes
  • 4 brake settings
  • Wireless remote
  • Slide start


  • Range: 15 mph
  • Top speed: 28 mph
  • Max climbing grade: 30%
  • Size: 39″

8. SWAGSKATE NG2 A.I. Powered Electric Longboard

It’s always enjoyable when an electric longboard lets you drive it like the classic cruisers, by moving your weight around. The NG2 comes with a well-appointed hand controller, but it’s way more fun to simply lean into the board and let the A.I. sensors respond by speeding up or slowing down. It actually feels like a longboard’s supposed to, and enables you to ride completely handsfree. Now, to what it’s made of. The deck is six layers of premium maple wood sandwiched between two layers of bamboo, giving it the strength to hold up to 220 lbs from the rider. The powerful pair of brushless Rear 450-watt motors are able to reach a top speed of 18-mph, and the 43.8V 3.1Ah LFP lithium-ion battery can go for a range of 11.8 miles with a best in class charging time of 2-hours! It’s also always easier on the wallet than many of the competitors.


  • Includes a remote
  • Weight shifting AI sensing technology
  • Dual brushless Rear 450 W motors
  • Six layers of premium maple wood between 2 layers of bamboo deck construction


  • Max speed: 18 mph
  • Climbing capacity: 15 degrees
  • Motor: 450W x 2
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Range: 11.8 miles
  • Max load: 220 lbs
  • Size: 38.5″
  • Weight: 20 lbs

9. AZBO Electric Longboard

New to electric longboards and not quite sure you’re ready to rip up the streets? This is a great place to start. AZBO is definitely a starter board, but it’s a solid place to start, and it’s not underpowered. Equipped with two 1000W hub-motors and powered by an 11 Ah LG lithium battery, this beginner board has a top speed of 25-mph, a range of 19-miles, and is fully charged in just 2-hours. The eight-layer maple deck provides a stable base, and the grip is surefooted and reliable. If you’re thinking an electric longboard may be the solution you need to make short commutes or get around campus, the H6 is a great way to put this to the test without breaking the bank.


  • Durable and stable
  • Wireless remote to control speed and braking
  • 8-ply maple wood deck construction
  • Comes with a set of elbow and knee pads
  • Motor: 1000W x 2
  • 25-degree hill-climbing capability
  • LG lithium battery


  • Max speed: 25 MPH
  • Charging time: 2 hours

10. Hiboy S22 Electric Longboard

This is not a TeamGee board. It’s not being reviewed by any of the top electric longboard influencers on social media. However, it is still a pretty great ride. This guy is perfect for beginners, college students on a big campus, or someone who wants to make their short commute a lot more fun. It’s also perfect for someone who wants to try electric longboards but doesn’t want to over-invest right off the hop. In fact, the pricing on this board makes it much easier to imagine as a really awesome birthday gift without any need for a second mortgage. The S22 runs on two brushless hub-motors that get up as fast as 18.6-mph within a 12.5-mile range. They come equipped with four ride modes and four brake modes, making it easy for beginners to get used to longboarding before letting off the restraints.


  • 7-layer maple deck construction
  • Brushless 350W Dual hub motor
  • Four ride modes and four brake modes
  • Wireless remote
  • 20% hill climbing capability
  • Replaceable PU wheels


  • Max speed: 18.6 mph
  • Length: 35.4″
  • Weight: 16.5 lbs
  • Max weight capacity: 220 lbs
  • Charging time: 2 hours

11. Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Longboard

When you read about electric longboards long enough, you start to notice a trend. Many of the big names in the industry talk about how fast they can go as the first and most important feature. The Phoenix Ryders Electric, on the other hand, does not. It has a top speed of 16-mph, which is respectable, but not anywhere close to the fastest board available. It has a reasonable 12.4-mile range, which will get you around the neighborhood. And it uses two reliable 250-Watt Brushless Hub-Motors. However, the folks at Alouette always lead with stability. This longboard has a well-appointed cruise control system that keeps your speed even and consistent. It’s not going to launch off the line, but it’s also not going to through you off the board. All of this makes it great for beginners or people just looking to get around, not rip it up.


  • Cruise-control mode
  • Dual motors
  • 6 layers of Northeast maple and 1 layer of bamboo construction
  • LCD wireless remote
  • Max climb angle: 15 degrees


  • Max speed: 16 mph
  • Range: 9.3 miles
  • Size: 36.6″

12. EPIKGO Electronic Longboard

In the world of electric longboards, this offering from Epikgo is a reliable mid-range option. It will give you much more than a beginner board ever will, but it’s not making any magazine covers. It’s perfect for people who are apprehensive about starting with a board that’s “too beginner,” but also not ready to shell out for a serious aficionado ride. The two brushless hub-motors get up to 25-mph and go for a distance of 12.miles. It’s also equipped with a range of sensors that provide acceleration and braking control to help smooth out any rough rides.


  • DC Brushless motor
  • Wireless remote
  • 1-year warranty


  • Max speed: 25 mph
  • Range: 12.5 miles
  • Charging time: 2 hours

13. Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard with Wireless Remote

Serious electric longboard enthusiasts are never going to be found ripping it up on an S11. However, many of them may have got their start on something like it only a few years ago. The S11 is perfect for your preteen. It’s lightweight and has just enough power to let them get a sense of the open road, without enough to get them into any real trouble. This board runs on a single hub-motor that can get you up to a top speed of 12.4-mph. The 6.2-mile range on a single charge is perfect for getting around the block. Of course, the 7.94-lbs means it’s also easy for your kids to pick it up and carry it home if they’ve pushed it to the end of the battery.


  • Ultra-lightweight at only 7.94 lbs
  • Four ride modes
  • Four brake modes
  • Wireless remote control
  • Regenerative braking
  • Singlehub motor
  • 8-degree hill grade climbing


  • Size: 30″
  • Weight: 7.94 lbs
  • Top speed: 12.4 mph
  • Range: 6.2 miles
  • Charging time: 1.5 hours
  • Max weight load: 180 lbs

14. Boosted Stealth Electric Longboard

The folks at Boosted make a very fine electric longboard. The esthetics on their pieces are always top-notch, and the component engineering is impeccable. Of course, you may look at the top speed of 24-mph and 14-mile range and think you’ve seen similar for less money, and you’re right. But the quality of Boosted gear means that even if the numbers line up, this product is going to be far and away superior. Take one look at the precision forged trucks, and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. The other thing you will notice the moment you’re out riding is the regenerative brakes’ quality. That 14-mile range they list is based on flat, non-stop running. Add a few hills and some urban traffic, and those sophisticated stoppers are going to kick serious distance back into your battery. All and all, the Stealth is just a beautiful piece of equipment.


  • Superflex composite deck
  • Regenerative brakes
  • 25% hill grade climbing capability
  • Five ride modes
  • Boosted Stratus 85mm wheels
  • Wireless remote


  • Range: 14 miles
  • Top speed: 24 mph
  • Weight: 17 lbs
  • Length: 38″
  • Power: 2100 W

15. Halo Board Beast Electric Longboard

Is it inappropriate to refer to a longboard as sexy? I mean, it’s honestly the first thing that comes to mind when you look at the Board Beast by Halo. And, not only does it look cool, the performance is incredible. To start, it’s running on 3200 Watt Dual Direct-Drive Motors. They look and run almost like hub-drives, but they sit along the truck axle, kicking off serious speed. The max output available is 26-mph, and the range is a whopping 25-miles. With great power comes the need for superior control – the Beast sports an upgraded Torque Management acceleration and braking algorithm that ensures you always have a beautifully smooth ride. Of course, when you get into the finer details, the Double Kingpin trucks transform the Beast into a carving machine able to surf the streets and make razor-sharp turns with ease. As if that wasn’t enough, the swappable all-terrain wheels mean you can take this puppy almost anywhere.


  • Bamboo and Fiberglass blend deck construction
  • 3200 W Dual Direct-Drive motors
  • 25% hill grade climb
  • Double Kingpin trucks
  • Swappable all-terrain wheels
  • Regenerative brakes
  • Low-profile design
  • LCD wireless remote


  • Top speed: 26 mph
  • Range: 25 miles
  • Weight: 23 lbs
  • Length: 37″
  • Wheels: 97mm Halo Street
  • Weight limit: 286 lbs
  • Charging time: 4-5 hours

16. Meepo AWD PRO Electric Longboard

Honestly, the Meepo AWD Pro is a powerhouse. It runs on four hub motors of 540 watts each for a total of 2160-watts. All this motor means it can achieve a top speed of 34-mph and run flat out for 15-miles. Of course, not only are the electronics on this board top of the line, but the deck is also a seven-layer compilation of maple plus two layers of bamboo for incredible strength and flexibility. Although one of our favorite bits is the control that this boar affords. Set it to beginner and feel secure in the fact that your nine-year-old will be able to handle it well. Crank it up to the more advanced settings, and you’re pretty much street race-ready.


  • All-wheel-drive
  • 4 hub motors with 540 W each for a total of 2160 W
  • Massive speed and torque
  • Logo on the deck glows in the dark
  • Can handle uphill climbs of up to 35%
  • Seven-layer Canadian maple + two-ply bamboo construction
  • Wireless remote


  • Top speed: 34 mph
  • 6-month warranty
  • Length: 40″
  • Range: 15 miles
  • Maximum weight load: 300 lbs

17. BLINK S-R Electric Longboard

Some riders simply don’t need a monster-power board to get through the city. A sophisticated, lightweight longboard that’s not hard on the wallet will often be exactly what they need. Enter the Blink S-R. Pushed by a single hub-motor, this guy only gets up to a top speed of 15-mph and has a range of just 7-miles. But if that is all you need, the R-S will do it well. It’s a quality built product that can be fully charged and ready to go in just 60-minutes. Plus, if you’re trying to fly under the radar, it’s hard to tell by looking at it that it’s an electric. The deck uses the industry-standard Canadian maple but then takes it a step further by adding an Aircraft-Grade aluminum layer for extra stability. They also run a handful of LEDs around the board to provide that extra visibility for riding at night.


  • Single-hub system
  • Three ride modes
  • 15% incline capability
  • LED lighting (front, tail, 2 side lights)
  • Wireless remote
  • 500W motor


  • Max speed: 15 mph
  • Range: 7 miles
  • Weight: 11 lbs
  • Length: 27.5″
  • Max load weight: 220 lbs
  • Charging time: 45-60 minutes

18. Ownboard Carbon AT Electric Longboard

If we could choose any longboard on the list, and the price was no object, I’m pretty sure this is the one. The Carbon-AT is a well made and nice to look at, but when you start looking at the numbers, and remember this guy runs through the dirt, you will be amazed. This fully capable off-roader runs on two belt drives that can pop you up to a top speed of 24-mph. The powerpack, a 14AH Sanyo GA Lithium-Ion battery, is capable of 19-miles off-roading, and then, of course, you get the extra kick from the regenerative braking. And while wheel bearings don’t often get much attention, on the Carbon-AT, they’re made of ceramic and completely water and dustproof, which as soon as you think about it, makes a whole lot of sense. Nothing on this board was stuck on. Everything is fit into place with some well-engineered intention, and it stays where it’s put. If you’re looking for a longboard that’s capable pretty much anywhere, this is your board.


  • Dual belt motor
  • Carbon fiber deck construction
  • Three-speed modes
  • Sanyo lithium-ion battery
  • Elastic Honeycomb tires
  • Double King Pin axles
  • Can tackle most terrains including roads, footpaths, short crass, gravel, dirt tracks
  • Ceramic bearings
  • Up to 30% hill-climbing capability


  • Length: 40″
  • 1500 Watt x 2 motor
  • Wireless remote
  • Regenerative braking
  • Charging time: 4-5 hours
  • Top speed: 24 mph
  • Weight: 24.25 lbs
  • Max weight load: 220 lbs
  • Range: 19 miles

19. Evolve Skateboards - Stoke

Number twenty on our list is technically not a longboard. If we’re being 100-percent honest, it is a shortboard. That said, it’s so damn cool and dripping with laidback retro longboard charm that it made the list. The Stoke looks like what skateboards looked like in the late 1980s before they bent their noses and warped their sides. It’s the sort of board Marty McFly turns up on to meet the Doc before the Libyans show up. (If you don’t get that reference, please stop everything you’re doing and go watch Back to the Future, stat.) Now that we’re on the same page, this board is powered by a 4.2AH Sony VTC4 Lithium-Ion, that will take it up to 10-miles. And, it’s pushed by dual 1500 watt (3000 watts total) high-performance custom-made brushless out-runner motors, which can totally keep pace with a hoverboard. Not to mention, with the Forged CNC Super-carve, trucks, this board carves like a dream, allowing you to really sit into curves even at low speeds. Its small profile and lightweight make it the ideal commuter. Oh, and did we mention it’s also airplane ready. Pretty cool, hey.


  • 4-ply bamboo and 2-ply fiberglass deck construction
  • Dual 1500 watt (3000 watts total) brushless motors
  • Evolve ceramic precision bearings
  • Sony VTC4 Lithium-ion battery
  • Wheels: 85mm


  • Top speed: 24 mph
  • Range: 10 miles
  • Up to 30% gradient climbing capability
  • Length: 33.5″
  • Charging time: 1.5-2 hours
  • Weight: 17.9 lbs
  • Max weight load: 220 lbs
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Sebastian Arciszewski

I've been riding electric bikes for eight years and I love the fact that we're entering an age of electrified micro-mobility. Our cities are changing and adapting to the needs that climate change is thrusting upon them. Electrified micro-mobility is the future, and I'm excited to write about it. You can find me on twitter: sebastian_a