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The 20 Best Electric Skateboards

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The 20 Best Electric Skateboards

Electric skateboards are all the rage. They are, without a doubt, playing an increasingly important part of the micro-mobility revolution. Just like the electric scooter revolution of 2018, when companies like Lime and Bird brought forth electrified micro-mobility sharing to the masses, we are now seeing a similar renaissance in electric skateboards.

Without a doubt, electric skateboards are proving to be more popular in places that already have a rich history of skateboarding and skateboarding culture. But its not only in places like California that electric skateboards are taking off. People and commuters around the U.S, Canada, the U.K., and Australia are concluding that there’s yet another option for them when it comes to moving around in dense urban centers or even the suburbs.

The electric skateboard is becoming an important part of dense urban transportation. Many city councils are starting to allow them in lanes traditionally reserved for bicycles, alongside their electric bike brethren.

Like electric bikes, electric skateboards have benefitted greatly from the continual improvements seen in lithium-ion battery technology. With that development has come an increase in performance and range for electric skateboards. As a result, the top brands in this field have upped their manufacturing game. Today’s market features boards that are fast, safe, rugged, and capable of long battery life and ready to tackle nearly any terrain. Some innovative companies have even started to produce hybrid skateboards that combine the speed of traditional road-going boards with the capability of being quickly transformed into boards that are more than capable over rougher terrain.

All of that innovation is sitting on a far more mature bed of electric motor technologies combined with better battery power management and connectivity to apps that live on your smartphone or smartwatch. There’s no question that it’s a good time to be shopping for an electric skateboard. There are many high-quality choices for both beginners, intermediate and expert riders.

If you’re new to this product category, you might have a ton of questions about electric skateboards. Don’t worry; we’ve got all the answers for you. Just skip down past the products, and I’ll answer them all for you.

Let’s take a look at some of the top electric skateboards available today.

1. Evolve Skateboards - Stoke

Just as home with ripping up the asphalt on your way to work as it is jumping over curbs and at your local skateboard, the Stoke, from Evolve Skateboards, is one impressive electric skateboard. It’s a lightweight road warrior that is made of 4-ply bamboo and 2-ply fiberglass. At 61 cm long, it’s length is more akin to a traditional skateboard, and because it’s relatively lightweight, it’s not considered a range beast. But where it may lack somewhat in range, it more than makes up for in both speed, fun, and ability to tackle gradients of up to a massive 30%. This means you’ll likely never find a hill steep enough in your city or town that will present a challenge to the Stoke.

This electric skateboard is nicely fitted with an EVA tail pad giving you some extra grip for your back foot, which is always a nice feature. Powered by a dual brushless out-runner motor duo, this board outputs a total of 3000 watts. All that to say, it’s got plenty of power. A great board for intermediate and advanced riders looking to get into the electric skateboard game.


  • Top speed of 22-24 mph
  • 10-mile range
  • Can go up to 30% steep gradients
  • Dual 1500W brushless motors
  • Deck material construction out of 4-ply bamboo and 2-ply fiberglass
  • Evolve ceramic precision bearings
  • Sony lithium-ion battery with 151.2 watt-hours
  • Trucks: Forged / CNC super carve – 12-inch width
  • Wheels: 77a Blue Happy Thane formula
  • Wheelbase: 24 inches
  • Stepless braking control with regenerative recharging


  • Deck length: 38″
  • 1.5-2 hours charging time
  • Bluetooth R-2 remote
  • Weight: 17.9 lbs
  • Max load: 220 lbs
  • Suitable for: Smooth bitumen roads, footbaths, concrete

2. Teamgee H5 Blade Electric Skateboard

This skateboard maker claims that this electric vehicle has the thinnest deck on the market at only 15mm thick. And while you might be understandably thinking that doesn’t bode well for its strength, you’d be wrong. And while many electric skateboards look like they are some sort of ethereal road beast that is pregnant with a hump of lithium-ion batteries along its underside, the H5 from Teamgee hides the entire complement of batteries inside the board. This is a pretty remarkable feat considering this longboard skateboards still gets 11 miles of range. However, this electric skateboard’s true stand-out feature is that it uses a drop-through deck and is 15-20 mm lower to the ground than most other boards. This reduction in height allows for a much more stable and smooth riding experience.

Featuring a digital display, the Teamgee H5 Blade remote also has some outstanding features, not the least of which is a digital display to show current speed, battery life, and even direction. It’s also equipped with a handy LED light to help you see in the dark. This board is ideally suited for beginner to intermediate riders.


  • Top speed of 22 mph
  • Range of 11 miles
  • Able to tackle 20% uphill grades
  • Four-speed modes
  • Four brake modes
  • Remote control with digital display and LED light
  • 10-ply Canadian maple and one-ply fiberglass makes up the deck material
  • IP54 water-resistant


  • Deck length: 38″
  • Weight: 13.7 lbs
  • Maximum load: 220 lbs
  • Wheels: 90mm x 54mm
  • Hub Motors: 380W x 2

3. WowGo 3 Electric Skateboard & Longboard

The all-bamboo and fiberglass deck on the WowGo 3 provides a superior level of flexibility and strength. The bamboo material also delivers a level of shock absorption not commonly seen on other boards. Other quality parts like the Paris Truck ensure maximum stability and comfortable carving even at high speeds. Available in two colour and battery size options, the Wowgo 3 is a very good looking electric skateboard. But there are plenty more features to go agog over. Check them all out below.


  • Bamboo and fiberglass construction
  • 90 x 62 mm soft P.U. wheels providing added comfort
  • Smart LCD remote with battery power, speed, speed gear, direction, trip mileage, and total range left info.
  • Unique turbo mode allows the board to accelerate up to 24.23 mph.
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Two battery options: 6.0Ah and 8.0Ah Samsung battery
  • Zealous bearings
  • Capable of climbing hill grades of up to 25%
  • Top speed of up to 24 mph


  • Deck length: 38.9″
  • Weight: 22.7 lbs
  • Maximum load: 280 lbs
  • Range: 12-14 miles (smaller battery), 17-20 miles (larger battery)

4. Hiboy S22 Electric Skateboard

This stylish electric longboard from Hiboy is a dream for those just starting with riding skateboards for fun and just getting around. Featuring a u-shape design and tough trucks, the seven-layer maple deck construction offers plenty of flex and durability. Exactly what you need in an electric skateboard, you’ll be taking through the urban jungle regularly. It features a relatively powerful 350W dual motor and can go up to 13 miles on a single charge. While it’s no speed demon, topping out at 18.6 mph, that’s still plenty of speed to get you around and do it while riding on a very smooth platform. It sports a wireless remote that is easy and comfortable to hold and allows you to engage one of four-speed and braking modes.


  • Dual brushless hub motors with 350W power each
  • Four modes for speed
  • Four modes for braking
  • Top speed of 18.6 mph
  • Can hill climb a 20% grade
  • Wireless remote
  • Durable PU wheels
  • U-shaped board design


  • Deck Length: 36″
  • Weight: 16.5 lbs
  • 12.5-mile range
  • Maximum load: 220 lbs
  • Charging time: 2 hours

5. Backfire Skateboards - G3 Plus with Carbon Fiber Deck and Ultra Long Range

The G3 Plus is, at first glance, an intimidating electric skateboard. The specs alone tell you that this is a higher-end board. But despite its higher cost, there’s plenty to like here, even for a beginner and intermediate riders. So before you scroll down, don’t shy away from this board just yet.

The G3 Plus’ features are indeed impressive. Starting with a pure aerospace carbon fiber deck, it’s incredibly sturdy. It provides a level of flex in a professional concave design that will reward you with an excellent riding experience. The carbon fiber materials’ choice means you’re saving more than a pound in weight over a traditional maple deck of the same size. Next is the battery choice, which is the premium Samsung 21700 cell with 345Wh power. That means you’ll have somewhere between 20-25 miles in range. That’s more than enough for even the longest days of cruising. All this power goes to two 600w high-torque hub motors, which allow for a top speed of nearly 29 miles per hour and some serious accelerating power. At those speeds, you better be wearing a helmet and some pads! But that’s not the end; this board features an awesome wireless remote with an OLED display and a TURBO button that provides up to +20% acceleration.


  • 21700 Samsung Battery cells
  • 600W x 2 Hub Motors
  • Flexible curved Carbon Fibre Deck provides extra strength and bumps absorption
  • 180 Days Warranty
  • A maximum speed of 29 mph
  • Front and back Caliberll Trucks – improved stability during high-speed riding
  • USB charging interface
  • 85 & 96mm replaceable wheels
  • Wireless remote
  • Fixed speed road cruise option + 3 other speed modes
  • LED ambient light under the board
  • Hill climbing up to 30% grade


  • 20-25-mile range
  • Deck Length: 39″
  • Weight: 17.6 lbs
  • Maximum load: 240 lbs
  • Charging time: 3 hours

6. MetroboardX - All Terrain + Street Electric Skateboard

If you’re looking for an electric skateboard that will get you around on more than just smooth roads, this might be the board of your dreams. Now be warned, it’s a fairly expensive investment, but what you get is a board that comes with both all-terrain wheels and regular road wheels. It also looks incredible. MetroboardX has been making skateboards in the U.S. since 2004, so there is a rich board-making history present. This electric skateboard features various awesome attributes that make it a versatile personal transportation micro-mobility device. Not the least of which is the recognition that if you’re going to be hitting the off-road trails, where there are often no lights, the built-in 15 Watt ultra-bright LED bulbs will come in handy.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. With a massive drivetrain system powered by dual brushless motors, you’ll be able to get this bad-boy up to 36 mph. That’s an incredibly impressive speed for an off-road electric skateboard that, at 47 inches long, is one of the largest boards on this list. The Carbon Fiber deck is also what’d you come to expect in a high-end electric skateboard. It provides the strength and flexibility that makes for a smoother and safer ride. The board even comes with its own app that lets you check real-time data from the board.


  • Easily change between street and off-road wheels
  • 36V AH Battery Pack (LG cells)
  • High power LED lighting in front, rear, and underbody
  • Carbon Fiber deck with 1″ dropped platform
  • Double bushing Machined aluminum trucks
  • Automatic belt tensioning
  • Wireless remote control
  • Regenerative braking


  • Deck length: 47″
  • Wheels: 107mm Abec 11 Street Wheels, 190mm AT Pneumatic off-road wheels
  • Top speed: 31 mph (street wheels), 36 mph (AT wheels)
  • Power: 6000 Watts peak
  • Range: 30 miles
  • Charging time: 3.5 hours
  • Weight: 29 lbs
  • Maximum load: 300 lbs

7. Meepo AWD Pro

I would suggest that this is not an electric skateboard for the faint of heart. Beginner riders, you have been warned. The Meepo AWD features four hub motors, one at each wheel. Each motor generates 540 watts each, for a massive 2160 watts of power. It’s no wonder that this is one of the fastest electric skateboards on the market. Designed for high-end performance and tackling even the steepest of hills, the Meepo AWD Pro features a deck made of seven-layer ply Canadian Maple wood, plus two-ply bamboo. Power, speed, and control, they are all here in massive abundance.


  • 4-wheel power (4 hub motors)
  • 2160 watts of power
  • Can climb hills of up to a 35% grade
  • Superfast acceleration.
  • 4-Wheel braking
  • USB cable for remote charging
  • Shredder Trucks
  • Regenerative braking


  • Top speed: 34 mph
  • Range: 15 miles
  • Weight: 23 lbs
  • Maximum load: 300 lbs
  • Wheel size: 100 mm x 58mm
  • Length: 40″

8. Ecomobi - M5 Street Electric Skateboard

Ecomobi seems to have a knack for producing electric skateboards that can go toe-to-toe feature-wise, with higher-priced competitors. I’m not if the fact that they get their batteries from Tesla’s battery factory is the reason, but suffice to say, the M5 is a great and relatively cheap electric skateboard. But lower price doesn’t have to be an indicator of lower quality. The exact opposite is true here. Designed for quick and agile street riding, the dual-hub motor produces a total of 1080 watts of power. The nine-layer Canadian maple construction and double-drop deck are perfectly suited for stability and control at higher speeds.


  • Dual hub motor (1080W total)
  • Designed for street use
  • Wireless remote
  • Waterproof rated for IP56
  • 6-month warranty
  • Fixed speed road-cruise feature
  • Brake-light function when the board is braking
  • 21700 mAh lithium battery
  • Headlight, brake light, and side atmosphere lights


  • Length: 40″
  • Weight: 28 lbs
  • Maximum load: 330 lbs
  • Range: 28 miles
  • Max speed: 28 mph
  • Charging time: 3-4 hours
  • Maximum climbing grade: 20%

9. Exway - Wave

Sometimes, you simply don’t want to wait for a battery to be ready. You want to keep rolling on to your destination, or you simply want to keep carving up the fun. That’s what the Exway Wave electric skateboard specializes in. You see, most electric skateboard manufacturers prioritize thinness and minimal visibility by often burying the battery deep inside the deck. The opposite is true with the Exway Wave. Designed to let you swap out a completely new battery in less than 10 seconds, this board is relatively small, light, and still plenty powerful. And don’t worry, an extra battery only weighs 4 lbs, which you can easily throw into your backpack.

But perhaps my favourite two features of this board are its deck design and integrated lighting system. Let’s talk about the deck first. Serving as the beating heart of any high-quality electric skateboard, the Exway has an 8~16mm concave depth, which not only locks in your feet better but also increases space between the deck and wheels to avoid any unfortunate wheel bite. Made of multi-axis fiberglass and multi-layer maple, the deck material is a unique blend that you often don’t see on even some of the best electric skateboards. As for the lighting system, its best feature is the fact that it was not an afterthought. The integrated taillights are embedded in the truck base, which can be controlled with the accompanying app on your phone. It also has plenty of room and battery power to drive the optional headlights, which can be purchased as a standalone accessory.


  • Quick swap battery
  • RGB taillight controlled by an app (customize to any colour)
  • Expansion headlights
  • Swappable drivetrain between hub or belt
  • Wireless remote
  • Kicktail
  • Shock-absorbing grip tape
  • Exway trist trucks
  • Samsung 30Q high capacity battery cells
  • Three preset speed modes
  • Turbo function
  • A user-friendly app allows you to activate cruise control, show you reduced carbon emissions, and an odometer. 


  • Length: 30″
  • Top speed: 23 mph
  • Range: 15 miles
  • Weight: 14 lbs
  • Hill grade climbing: 25%

10. Swagtron - Swagskate Spectra Advanced Electric Skateboard

If you value portability and don’t envision yourself going massive distances in any given trip, this skateboard from Swagtron might be just what your little heart has been aching for. They call this a “penny” board, because at only 19 inches long and only 12.5 lbs in weight, it’s a rather small deck. But regardless of its size, the Spectra uses advanced algorithms to learn and adjust to your riding style. It does this using five built-in smart sensors that send data to your phone. It also features a unique magnetic snap-charging mechanism, sort of like your Apple Watch. Beginner or pro, you’ll appreciate the three riding modes as well as the LED headlight, taillight, and battery level indicator.


  • Turning assist feature
  • LED headlight and taillights
  • Carbon Fiber unibody deck construction
  • The companion app connects via Bluetooth
  • Three different riding modes


  • Top speed: 15.5 mph
  • Range: 12.4 miles
  • Can go up inclines of 15%
  • Weight: 12.5 lbs
  • Length: 19.4″
  • Maximum weight capacity: 187 lbs
  • Charing time: 90-120 minutes

11. Vestar Black Hawk Electric Skateboard

Also available in an all-terrain version, the Vestar Black Hawk electric skateboard is an incredible looking and highly competitive board. It boasts a dual-motor belt-drive system that puts out a massive 4000W of power. The board’s versatility comes from the fact that it’s essentially a hybrid. Quickly swap out the road wheels for all-terrain wheels, perform a bit of belt tension adjustment, and you’re now good to take this bad-boy off the beaten path. With a 7-ply maple wood and two ply-bamboo construction, the deck provides ample flexibility and strength while sitting atop the bank of batteries.


  • A Hybrid board can be used on or off-road; just swap out the wheels
  • Great shock and vibration absorption
  • Regenerative brakes
  • Three-speed, wireless remote control
  • Samsung 1055P battery
  • 2000W x 2 motors
  • Waterproof
  • 2 USB ports
  • 97 x 52 mm highly elastic PU wheels


  • Top speed: 27 mph
  • Range: 32 miles
  • Can go up inclines of 30%
  • Weight: 23 lbs
  • Length: 38″
  • Maximum weight capacity: 260 lbs

12. Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard

This is the electric skateboard I would heartily recommend to those board riders that are just starting out or to the youth out there that fancy themselves en electric board but don’t have a lot of riding experience. It’s easy to control, is playful and fun, and limits the maximum speed to a very reasonable 12.4 mph. That speed limit itself will allow you to get comfortable on the board and hopefully prevent even the newest of riders from serious injury. And while the Hiboy S11 is a bit of a starter electric skateboard, it’s still plenty capable and made out of high-quality components.


  • Four ride modes
  • Four braking modes
  • Smooth tapering of acceleration and deceleration
  • Wireless remote control
  • Single 350W hub motor
  • Great for shorter commutes and trips
  • Regenerative braking


  • Top speed: 12.4 mph
  • Range: 6.2 miles
  • Weight: 7.94 lbs
  • Length: 29.9″
  • Maximum weight capacity: 180 lbs
  • Charging time: 1.5 hours

13. Backfire Skateboards - G2 Black

Here’s another great electric skateboard for beginners. The Backfire G2 features an ultra-wide deck with plenty of room to plant your feet and keep your board as stable as possible during even high-speed riding. The water and dust-resistant casing conceal a 18650 lithium-ion battery that can propel the G2 for up to 11.2 miles in range. It also features some pretty large 96mm diameter wheels that provide both comfort and plenty of controls for any maneuvers you want to perform on this board. Though if I’m honest, this board is all about a smooth and comfortable ride to a destination, less so for carving ambitious turns at high speed.


  • 7-inch trucks
  • The extra-wide board provides stability
  • Hobbywing LCD remote control shows speed, range, battery
  • Three riding modes: eco-mode, sport mode, and reverse gear


  • Top speed: 24 mph
  • Range: 12.5 miles
  • Length: 38″
  • Charging time: 3.5 hours

14. Ownboard Carbon AT - All Terrain Electric Skateboard

All-terrain doesn’t necessarily mean that your board can’t ride the streets. It simply means that it can rip up the roads of your least favourite commute, while also taking you on your favourite non-paved paths on the weekend. That’s what the Carbon AT skateboard is all about. It’s an all-terrain rock-star that opts for a nearly all carbon-fiber construction for the deck. This material choice provides a level of strength and weight-reduction that is almost unbeatable.

The wheels on this board are also an extraordinary feature. The Honeycomb 6″ tires with solid rubber provide a plentiful amount of comfort and stability, plus the ability to roll through mud, gravel, or even high grass with ease. And because they’re made of solid rubber, you’ll never have to concern yourself with things like air pressure or rolling over sharp objects. And due to their hardness, they make for an electric board that you can fairly easily perform drifts and slides on.


  • Carbon Fiber deck
  • Sanyo Lithium-ion battery
  • Dual Belt motor outputting a total 3000W of power
  • Three-speed wireless remote
  • Regenerative braking
  • 12 inch wide double King Pin trucks
  • Ceramic bearings
  • Can you perform power slides? Oh yeah, baby.


  • Top speed: 24 mph
  • Range: 19 miles
  • Length: 40″
  • Charging time: 4-5 hours
  • Weight: 24.25 lbs
  • Max weight load: 220 lbs
  • Can climb hills of up to a 30% grade

15. RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard

Even if you know nothing about the electric skateboard industry, you have surely heard of Razor. This the same company that popularized those skinny metal scooters that became wildly popular with kids over the past 20 years or so. As the world electrifies, Razor has moved along with that swift tide and chosen to create some quality and highly affordable electric skateboards. Part of that lineup includes the RazorX Cruiser. The Cruiser is another terrific option for parents that want to buy their kids their first electric skateboard. Limited to 10 miles per hour, Razor recommends that this board is bought for kids ages nine and up. Fun, light, and easy to control; this is a great electric board for kids just starting their cruising around the neighbourhood.


  • 125W motor
  • 40 minutes of continuous use
  • 5-ply Maple deck
  • Wireless remote with strap


  • Top speed: 10 mph
  • Range: 6.5 miles
  • Length: 29.7″
  • Weight: 10.47 lbs
  • Max weight load: 220 lbs

16. TeamGee - H20T Electric Skateboard with Rubber Wheels

This is a very interesting electric skateboard. Not for its range or speed, or usual standard fare features. It’s for the choice of wheels that TeamGee decided on. Featuring super-wide 103mm rubber tires with extra holes in the body, these wheels have been designed for street use in adverse conditions. Their anti-skid capabilities make them a perfect match for rain-slick streets, wet pavement, and even small gravel. Designed primarily for comfortable riding, with stability and smoothness in mind, this is a great electric skateboard for intermediate riders and those that want to use their board for a daily commute, rain or shine.


  • Four speed modes
  • Four brake modes
  • Deck construction out of 8-ply Canadian maple and 1-ply fiberglass
  • 2x600W hub motors
  • IP54 waterproof rating
  • 103mm wide rubber tires
  • Wireless remote with LCD display showing remaining battery, speed, brake and speed modes
  • 2 battery size choices


  • Top speed: 26 mph
  • Range: 22 miles
  • Length: 38″
  • Max weight load: 286 lbs
  • Charging time: 3-4 hours
  • Uphill grade climb: 30%

17. Lacroix Jaws Electric Skateboard

This is not an electric skateboard for the faint of heart. It is a beast in every sense of the word. It is a professional board designed for riding that will raise your hair. After all, the officially listed max speed on Lacroix’s website is: “More than you need.” I’m not joking; check it out. So what makes this electric board both so special and expensive? First, it’s highly customizable. Second, the components in this board are pretty much top-of-the-line. It features 8 inch Kenda tires that frankly don’t care if you’re on or off-road riding. It also features a custom 12 amp charger for quick-charging because the battery is also an immense beast with 707wh of power.


  • Choice of two deck types
  • Dual 190kv motors
  • 706wh Samsung battery
  • Integrated bearing for high-speed stability
  • Carbon fiber enclosure
  • Wireless remote


  • Top speed: Don’t attempt it unless wearing full body protection on a closed course and a safe environment. That’s the advice directly from the manufacturer’s website. No kidding around with this one, people. 
  • Range: 22 miles
  • Length: 42″
  • Weight: 29 lbs
  • Max weight load: 250 lbs or 350 lbs depending on deck choice
  • Charging time: 90-100 mins
  • Uphill grade climb: 40%

18. Linky Portable Electric Skateboard

This electric skateboard is so much fun and, candidly, I believe maybe one of its kind, that I simply could not pass up the opportunity to include it on this list. Coming in at a mere 12 lbs, the Linky is a portability dream. And yet what it gains in portability, it doesn’t seem to sacrifice in rigidity and capability. Let’s run through some highlights. Its deck comprises bamboo and carbon fiber, a blend of materials that provides a tremendous amount of strength, weight reduction, and flexibility. The 83 mm wheels are ideal for riding in comfort on a longboard of this size, and when combined with the brushless motor, make for a very smooth ride. Oh, and if that isn’t enough, you can choose from one of three accompanying bags that are perfectly designed to fit your new folding electric skateboard. Just because it folds into a neat little package, this may be my favourite board I’ve come across.


  • It folds in half!
  • Regenerative braking
  • Charges to 85% capacity in just 30 minutes
  • USB port
  • Four different ride modes
  • Bluetooth remote controller
  • Accompanying Linky app
  • LED light
  • Comes with one of three bags, a Minimal Knapsack, a Daily Traveler Backpack, or a Voyage tote bag.
  • Custom Linky truck
  • Smart locking mechanism to keep the board folded
  • Waterproof


  • Top speed: 18.7 mph
  • Range: 11 miles
  • Length: 42″
  • Weight: 12 lbs
  • Charging time: 30 mins
  • Uphill grade climb: 12%

19. WowGo Mini Electric Skateboard

I’m not entirely sure why this board has been given the “mini” moniker, seeing as how it’s pretty much the standard size non-longboard skateboards are, but nevertheless, it belongs on this list. And it’s not just because it’s cheap. Yes, it’s an affordable electric skateboard, but it comes with plenty of great features most shoppers of electric skateboards have come to expect. You can expect this electric rider to be a fast, agile and capable board suited perfectly for city and pavement riding.


  • Panasonic 230.4 Wh battery
  • Kicktail deck made of 7 layers of maple
  • 25-30% uphill climb capability
  • Regenerative braking
  • 6-month warranty


  • Top speed: 23.6 mph
  • Range: 14 miles
  • Length: 28″
  • Weight: 15.4 lbs
  • Charging time: 30 mins
  • Uphill grade climb: 12%
  • Max load: 330 lbs

20. Evolve Skateboards - Carbon GTR 2in1

If I was forced to pick only one electric skateboard amidst this list of best electric skateboards, I think it would be this all-terrain Carbon GTR 2in1. Manufactured by Australian board maker Evolve, this aesthetically refined skateboard delivers a riding experience that is near perfect. Made of super high-quality carbon fiber, this board’s deck has a tremendous amount of grip at your feet. The dual 1500W motor, for a total of 3000W, puts out a huge amount of speed and torque, and it’s all powered by a Samsung battery.

True to its name, this board also includes the handy feature of quickly and easily swapping from all-terrain to street wheels in just a few minutes.


  • App connected
  • 1500W x 2 brushless hub motors
  • Smooth braking technology 
  • 30% grade hill climbing
  • Forged CNC super-carve 306mm trucks
  • Evolve 7″ pneumatic all-terrain wheels
  • Bluetooth remote control


  • Top speed: 26 mph
  • Range: 31 miles
  • Length: 39″
  • Weight: 23.5 lbs
  • Charging time: 4-5 hours
  • Uphill grade climb: 30%
  • Max load: 220 lbs

How to pick the right electric skateboard for you

While there are numerous ways to judge an electric skateboard’s capabilities, there are several top-of-mind considerations. 

Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced

First, you have to be honest with yourself about where your current capabilities as a skateboarder lie. Have you ridden a skateboard? Was the last time you were on a board 15 years ago when you were a teenager, and you simply enjoyed zooming around the neighbourhood with other kids? Perhaps, you’re an experienced rider that has ridden for years on both standard skateboards and longboards?

Where you fall on this skill spectrum should play a big role in how you choose which electric skateboard to buy. If you’re just starting, you should think about a skateboard that provides maximum stability, control and also provides you for the opportunity to learn in a speed mode that is designed just for beginners. The last thing you need is a board that will set your hair on fire as far as the maximum speed is concerned. 

If you are an intermediate rider, you should think about a board that will meet all your needs. Will you be using it for a combination of joyriding and commuting? What kind of hill grades can it climb along your commuting route? Will you need to recharge it before you go home? At this level, you should scrutinize the feature set of any electric skateboard quite carefully before you make your final decision. 

Advanced skateboarders, of-course, know exactly what they’re looking for, and in most cases, they’ll be looking for a combination of high-end parts, high-end construction, and maximum speed and carving and sliding. Those looking to go off-road should also seek the flexibility of hybrid boards that allow you to stick both street and off-road wheels on your electric skateboard. Price of-course becomes a major factor at this level as most advanced boards can easily go into the multiple thousands of dollars. 


Of-course the first decision you have to make is whether you want a traditional short electric skateboard or a longboard. But it’s not just about aesthetics here. Longboards are generally built for speed and stability, while shortboards are made for fun, slides, and tricks. 


Some boards will take you in excess of 30-40 mph. These boards are designed for advanced riders. But most electric skateboards come with a wireless remote control that lets you regulate your speed from the relatively pedantic 5-10 mph, up through higher speeds. This is a highly personal choice. It will fully depend on how comfortable you are with higher speeds on a skateboard. Generally speaking, the maximum speed of an electric skateboard will be dictated by three things:

  1. Total number of motors
  2. Belt vs. Hub drive (discussed below)
  3. Total Watt output
  4. The rider’s weight


The range on any electric skateboard will be a function of how much juice the battery can hold and the rider’s weight. Other factors come into play, as the board, like electric cars, will eat through battery far more if you’re going uphill versus a flat plane or downhill. Don’t forget, though, that like with regular skateboards, electric skateboards, even if they’ve completely drained all battery charge, still let you power the board with your feet. 

The range on electric skateboards varies greatly, with some boards getting a mere 6 miles, while others are capable of more than 30 miles of range under normal riding conditions. Before you make your buying decision, consider your typical use and what kind range you’d like to have not to give you the dreaded range anxiety that some electric car drivers still experience. 

Consider also that some skateboards feature the ability to quickly swap batteries, extending your range significantly, while others do not. 

Component & Build Quality

If you’re new to the skateboarding world, you won’t know much about this. Experienced riders, however, have their favourite brands of decks, wheels, and trucks, amongst other components. The problem is that most electric skateboard makers are in the habit of using their in-house components. Of course, some simple Google sleuthing should give you an idea of whether any of the parts being used on any given electric skateboard should be of concern. 

Consider the deck construction. Most electric skateboard decks are a combination of various plys of wood. Some are a combination of maple and bamboo, while others mix materials like carbon fiber and maple. Still, generally speaking, the more expensive and higher-end decks are composed entirely of carbon fiber, which adds a great deal of strength and flexibility. 


How portable does a skateboard need to be? Well, that sort of depends on what you are going to use it for. If it’s something you want to easily stick in your backpack or bring on tightly packed transit rides, you should probably consider something a bit more compact and lightweight. Remember that electrified skateboards have 

Water Resistance

Each board will usually have its water-resistance rating available for your perusal. Most manufacturers do a great job of sealing all the electric components of your board, so it’s not a major concern while it’s important to know what this rating is. 

Maximum Weight

However, you should have a good understanding of the maximum weight of any given board. After all, in most cases, you’re still going to be riding on a wooden plank, and as we all know, wood strength has its limits. Some boards, usually the smaller and lighter ones, could offer as little as 180 lbs as their maximum weight load, while some of the beefier boards will allow riders above 300 lbs. 

But I know you might have more questions about electric skateboards, so I’ve tried to be as comprehensive and succinct below with a handy guide.

Electric Skateboard FAQ

What is an Electric Skateboard Good for?

In a nutshell, for fun and for getting around. There are tons of advantages to owning an electric skateboard:

  • Quick, personal mobility that doesn’t contribute to CO2 emissions to further compound our growing climate change catastrophe
  • Compact and relatively lightweight unique transport machine
  • Very few moving parts, meaning that electric skateboards are generally quite low maintenance
  • Great for short and long commutes
  • Charge times are relatively low, usually averaging around 2-4 hours
  • Great for grocery runs
  • Great for running short errands
  • Super fun to ride
  • Can go in most cities bike lanes
  • Can go off-road with all-terrain wheels

How much is an electric skateboard?

The pricing of electric skateboards varies widely, with some basic and beginner boards starting around $300. Longboards and all-terrain electric skateboards tend to be bunched in a higher price category. Some electric skateboards can run into the $3000 to $4000 range. 

Can you take an electric skateboard on a plane?

Usually yes. TSA rules state that if your battery exceeds 160Wh of power, you won’t be able to bring it at all, not even in checked luggage. If your battery is somewhere between 100Wh and 160Wh, it will need to be pre-approved by your airline and checked in. Under 100Wh, your board should be fine as a carry-on item. This is the generally accepted upper-limit for laptop batteries as well. 

Can you ride an electric skateboard on the road?

In most jurisdictions in North America, the answer is no. Because electric skateboards haven’t been around for too long, and their popularity is still not on par with other transportation modes, many local laws have simply not caught up with them. As a result, many police forces treat electric skateboards in the same vein as regular skateboards and do not allow them on public roads. 

Can you push an electric skateboard?

Yes, you can, but generally speaking, you will not only notice the added weight of the batteries, but you will also notice a small amount of drag as a result of the motors. Hub motors perform better than a belt-driven electric skateboard as far as manual pushing is concerned. 

Many manufacturers are now working on creating motors that provide as little resistance as possible.

Can you do tricks on an electric skateboard?

Yes, but with a big caveat. Most electric skateboards are at least 15 lbs in weight and make it much harder to do any tricks on them. 

Can you ride an electric skateboard on the sidewalk?

Maybe. This is also highly subject to local laws. It’s best to check with your local municipality on the exact letter of the law. If there is no law on the books for electric skateboards in your state, province, city or town, your best bet is probably to adhere to the rules that apply to non-motorized skateboards. Here, for example, is what the California Vehicle code states: 

“a motorized skateboard cannot be used on any sidewalk, roadway or any part of a highway, bikeway, park or trail, equestrian or hiking or recreational trial.”

But there is a loop-hole:

“under Vehicle Code § 313.5, an electrically motorized skateboard is not considered a motorized skateboard if is less than 60 inches long and less than 18 inches wide, is designed to transport just one person, has an electric propulsion system that averages less than 1,000 watt and its maximum speed is less than 20 miles per hour”

How do you stop an electric skateboard?

Most electric skateboards offer some form of motorized braking. Many accomplish this by combining regenerative braking and motor brakes that will resist your attempts to turn its shaft when battery power is cut off. This is all controlled from your accompanying wireless remote. 

How do you control an electric skateboard?

Speed and braking are most commonly controlled through a wireless remote control that operates on either a radio spectrum or by way of Bluetooth connection to your board. On the other hand, turning is generally accomplished in the same manner that it is on regular boards, by the shifting of your weight and positioning of your wheels. 

How fast do electric skateboards go?

Most electric skateboards average around 10-30 mph (16-48 km/h). There are some exceptions with pricier and more advanced boards that will take you above 40 mph (64 km/h). 

Sebastian Arciszewski

Sebastian Arciszewski

I've been riding electric bikes for eight years and I love the fact that we're entering an age of electrified micro-mobility. Our cities are changing and adapting to the needs that climate change is thrusting upon them. Electrified micro-mobility is the future, and I'm excited to write about it. You can find me on twitter: sebastian_a