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While there is a massive revolution happening in the world of electric vehicles, lead by companies like Tesla, there is an even bigger metamorphosis happening in the world of Micro Mobility. Anything that has two wheels (sometimes three) is getting electrified.

Surprisingly this is in part due to the miniaturization of electrical components, sensors, and microchips that was accelerated with the advent of the smartphone. Advances in the energy density of lithium-ion batteries over the past twenty years have also led to the ability of manufacturers to produce amazing electric bikes, scooters, skateboards, and other micro-mobility modes of transportation.

Local and regional governments are responding, and the design of cities around the globe is changing rapidly to accommodate the growing popularity of electrified micro-mobility modes of getting around.

With this exploding popularity, however, come a lot of questions. How does an electric bike work? Is an electric bike worth it? What kind of electric scooter should I get? It can be a confusing landscape for anyone looking to buy any of these products. Mobility Micro is here to answer those questions and more.

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