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The Best Electric Bike Companies & Manufacturers

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The Best Electric Bike Companies and Manufacturers

Electric Bikes have been growing in popularity over the last number of years. And with that, many new manufacturers have jumped into the market. The relative ease of building a finished product from a collection of Chinese parts makers has lowered the barrier-to-entry for ambitious Western entrepreneurs. While this is great for driving down the prices, it has meant that there are a good number of low-quality products available on the market. Of course, it’s worth noting that some long-time cycle makers have also jumped wholeheartedly into electric bikes. Their offerings tend to be a little pricier, but they have been adding some much-needed leadership to the category.

The Types of Companies That Make Electric Bikes

When it comes to building an electric bike, the companies doing it couldn’t be more different from each other. Of course, the old-school bicycle makers have jumped into the emerging market, and many of them are making top-notch products. However, you’ll also find discount electronic manufacturers putting out cobbled together Frankenstein-type e-bikes in the hopes of capturing the low-cost market. Most of these are no-name companies based in China. Although it’s important to note that there are some excellent e-bikes available from Chinese manufacturers, you just need to do a little bit more research. And then there’s the enthusiast-as-manufacturer segment of e-bike riders who have decided to build their own products. While some are no more reputable than the aforementioned Franen-bikes, a few are making really exemplary contributions to this emerging industry. Many of these companies are based in British Columbia, Canada, or California in the US. The thing about some of these companies is that they are using local modern designs and having them built overseas by quality makers at a fair price. 

Choosing a Manufacturer

If money is not an issue and you’d rather not do a lot of research, we’d probably recommend you go straight to a company like Trek or Peugeot. Trek has been around building bicycles for a long time, and they know how to do it right. Any of the parts that they don’t make come from reputable suppliers, so you don’t have to do much vetting yourself. While a licensed brand, Peugeot is built by a reputable bicycle manufacturer that also produces Bianchi, one of the world’s top bikes for as long as anyone can remember. 

Of course, if you are open to kicking the tires a little more (pun intended), some great products are being designed in Canada and the USA. MOD Bikes out of Texas makes seriously cool cafe-racer-looking e-bikes that you shouldn’t miss. While Surface 604 in Vancouver, Canada, is making e-bikes that know how to tackle the constant incline/decline of life on the West Coast. 

However, even if you decide to go for something a little more cost-effective from suppliers overseas, you can still end up with a great bike. Just be sure to look for products that use quality components. A good no-name manufacturer will likely still use Samsung or LG batteries, and you may even find some that bolt a killer Bosch motor onto their frame. And these are names you can trust. 

We’ve put together this thorough, but by no means exhaustive, list of great electric bike companies and manufacturers, with a couple of exceptional offerings from each of them, to save you a bit of time.



An e-bike maker located in Southern California, the folks at Aventon Bikes, are inspired by the sense of mobility and freedom that electric bicycles provide. While their components are manufactured in China, the assembly is completed in the USA. Designing everything from serious track bikes to kids’ electric bicycles, these folks are a one-stop e-bike shop for the whole family. Aventon also offers a full complement of accessories to customize your e-bike to meet your exact needs.

The Level is Aventon’s version of an urban commuter e-bike, engineered for riders who want to ditch their cars but still want to keep up with the flow of traffic. It uses the same advanced motor technology as the award-winning Pace 500 electric bike, but the Level is styled urban riders. With solid handling, well-tuned suspension, and an extended battery, the Level Commuter Ebike is definitely one the most sought-after commuter bikes on the market.

It’s been called the most versatile folding fat-bike you’re ever going to find. With its massive 4-inch tires, a quality suspension fork, and an abundance of power, the Sinch is an easy-to-ride folding electric bike that handles brilliantly on any terrain. Whether you have limited storage space at home or are tight on storage space at the office, the Sinch packs up to be easily stored in your closet or under your desk.



Founded in 2015, Benno Bikes is committed to changing the world one e-bike at a time. With a dream of giving people the option of ditching their car while still being able to lug around the things they need, Benno has developed an incredible range of two-wheeled stuff haulers that will make you look twice. Originally from Germany, Benno Baenziger went to design school in California and shortly after co-founded the Electra Bicycle Company. After leaving the company in 2010, Benno decided he still had more to offer this fast-changing market and set up inspired to make it easier to do anything on an electric bicycle.

This is an e-bike that’s capable of being all things to all people. Let’s start with the basics. It’s easy to ride and glide seamlessly through traffic, unlike many bikes made for hauling stuff. And boy does this bike haul stuff. Need to bring a baby along, simple. Aspire to strap a create full of deliveries onboard, easy. Figure you’ll take your surfboard along to the beach, not a problem. This e-bike can customize to almost any cargo situation without losing maneuverability.

A design inspired by vintage Italian scooters and classic German cars, the eJoy combines the past’s timeless vehicle design with modern technology. It all makes for an e-bike that’s both charming and capable. A powerful and efficient Bosch motor combines nicely with a sturdy oversized rear rack and an optional frame-mounted front tray to give you all sorts of load capacity. Its comfortable and upright riding position makes riding easy and fun, while the sturdy aluminum frame with its low step-through design gives you a stable ride with excellent control. The eJoy truly allows you to leave your car behind, whether you’re running errands or out for a joyride.

Started over fifteen years ago in a Vancouver garage, OHM has expanded into an internationally renowned brand changing the way people think about electric bicycles. They genuinely believe in making a quality e-bike for every possible occasion with a vision of liberating people from their cars.

Discover is a brilliant commuter e-bike that blends a sporty, performance-driven feel from its powerful Shimano drive system with an amazingly comfortable upright riding position. This is an adventure bike that is ready to go off the regular commuter routes. Perfect for exploring bike paths and different trails, readily rising whatever challenges you encounter.

A compact and highly sturdy e-utility bike, the Boost makes getting you and your cargo to where you need it to be fun and easy. Built on a modular design platform, this e-bike can be customized using its interchangeable rack system to carry almost any load. The heavy-duty rear rack will take up 110-pounds of whatever you fit it for. That could mean luggage, deliveries, or even a child. Of course, you still have carrying capacity on the front cargo loader, the add-on pannier bags, or even the optional side surfboard rack. No matter whether you chose either the Bosch Performance Line motor or the Bosch Performance Line CX, you know you’ll have plenty of power to haul almost anything.

If every commuter owned a GoCycle, the world would be a better place to live. Emissions would plummet, international air quality would improve, and everyone would arrive at work looking more stylish than they ever have before. It’s what happens when a brilliant engineer from McLaren Cars decides he would rather create something better for the world. Admittedly, it’s not a great cargo mover. However, after a series of Kickstarter-funded models drummed up considerable interest, the company has made increasingly fast-moving, lightweight, beautiful-looking electric bicycles. Not to mention they are probably the best folding bike maker on the planet.

This fine-looking e-bike combines Gocycle’s iconic magnesium frame, fast-folding handlebar, and carbon wheels to create a genuinely compelling urban e-bike. With its powerful 375-Wh battery, you get a solid 50-mile range, and it never feels underpowered. As with all Gocycle bikes, all the electronics are seamlessly run inside the G3+’s magnesium frame and feature their industry-leading technology, including the patented automotive-inspired Daytime Running Light, LED cockpit, and electronic predictive shifting.

April 2021 is the official launch of the latest Gocycle offering, the G4. It takes everything we love about Gocycle products and kicks it up a notch. Easy to fold, ultra-lightweight, with an extended range. And, of course, a streamlined chassis with PitstopWheels® that make cleaning Gocycle fast and easy. As usual, there will be no exposed oily chain, gears, or sprockets. Quite simply, no mess.

With Tern Bicycles, we have a manufacturer that is looking to change the world through sustainable transport. However, they are doing it with slick-looking e-bikes that can seduce even the most ardent petrolheads out of their cars. Their bikes look great and have extra levels of fun built-in standard, plus with a couple of clicks, they fold up quite nicely. Named for a small, lightweight bird that mates for life and holds the world record for the longest migration, Tern makes e-bikes that go the distance.

This beautiful offering from Tern is designed to be the fastest folding bike in the world. It’s a full-sized road bike with hand-built 26-inch wheels and race-tuned geometry, but it folds down small in 10 seconds flat. The Eclipse X22 comes complete with an Ultegra drivetrain and a lovely pair of Shimano hydraulic disc brakes. With a matte black finish, hydroformed fork, slick red accents, and improved engineering, the X22 is Tern design at its absolute finest.

If you are looking to haul stuff about, the R14 is one of the best available. With a load capacity of 440-pounds and a rear rack that can handle most any shaped cargo, you’re going to be good to go, wherever you need to.
Even if that cargo is a couple of kids and some groceries, this might still be the perfect e-bike for you. The adjustable frame means that it quickly adapts to almost any rider and the easy-to-add accessories make changing the bike up for the task a breeze!



Truly a labor of love, Rad Power Bikes began as one guy trying to make life easier on himself. Mike Radenbaugh needed a better way to get to school, so he jerry-rigged his first homemade electric bicycle. People took notice, and very soon, he was doing electric conversions all over town. A few years later, he teamed up with his college roommate, and the two of them transformed Rad into one of the largest e-bike manufacturers in North America. Of course, the moment you ride one, you’ll notice that the original passion and tenacity are still a part of every e-bike that rolls off their line.

This is an electric bike for the urban rider. It’s for someone who traditionally would have gravitated towards an old-school fixie but now wants to have a little bit more fun. With a 500-Watt high-torque motor and around 45-miles of battery range, it’s impressive that the Mission 1 is able to come in at Rad’s lowest of price points. It’s the absolute perfect starter e-bike, but it’s so much fun that you may find yourself never needing anything else.

The fourth in the series, it’s the toughest and most versatile version of the RadWagon they’ve yet to make. And this version features smaller, innovative new tires developed by their in-house team of expert engineers to achieve a lower center of gravity. The new frame design ensures multiple adjustment points, including a telescopic seat post and an easily maneuverable set of handlebars. The 750-watt geared hub motor is no slouch and will keep you moving quickly for a little more than 45-miles. Not to mention the 350-pound load capacity and easy-add accessories make it so you can take whatever, wherever comfortably.

A group of Vancouver riders with over a hundred years of cycling between them decided to put their expertise to the test and create brilliantly designed electric bicycles for the world. Of course, Vancouver locals will note the tribute to their home cycling turf with the inclusion of the Greater Vancouver Area’s most iconic area code built into their name. And if you’ve ridden the ups and downs and ups of the 604 area, you understand that it takes a quality maker to build an e-bike for those streets. They even back it up with a love it or money-back guarantee, so long as you buy directly through them. What’s not to love?

One of the most beautiful fat-tire electric bikes on the market today, the Boar is a brilliant ride that you won’t regret. One of the best bits about Boar is the precision torque sensor. Incredibly smooth, it knows how precisely hard you’re pedaling right down to the microsecond and matches that effort with proportionate power. The redesigned cockpit now comes with an extra-large color LCD display to present all your vital details and provide added security. The high capacity 48V 14Ah Samsung lithium-ion battery provides can handle heavy loads and still travel up to 35 miles on a single charge. This is important to most avid outdoorsmen who make the Boar their ride of choice to wander into the backwoods.

The perfect hybrid electric bicycle that’s just as comfortable tearing up a trail as it is ripping down a city street. The 500W 48V electric motor is made to get you places quickly with a surge of quiet, consistent power distribution that maintains at higher speeds. You’ll also be amazed at how the Shred can maintain a vibration-free ride through the entire range of acceleration. This is an e-bike geared for performance. They paired all that power with an industry-leading 12mosfet 25A controller, so Shred can deliver torque and speed that’s unmatched in the industry.

You know Biktrix comes from a solid base when you hear that it was started by a do-it-yourself motorcycle builder from Saskatchewan. Only the hardiest of folks think they can build a business with two-wheeled vehicles in the northern bit of central Canada. Of course, the founder was inspired by a trip to Europe, and after a widely successful Kickstarter campaign, is now building e-bikes that get exported back to Europe and around the world. With their direct-to-consumer only business model, all of Biktrix’s bikes are customizable, and they are still the only electric bike maker that ships eBikes by air across the US, right to your front door.

An entry-level fat-tire electric mountain bike, the Classic has a powerful mid-drive motor and plenty of torque to climb hills, tackle rugged terrain, and zip down city streets. This e-bike is robust, extremely capable, and surprisingly affordable. The powerful 750-Watt motor will give you the power and confidence to take this e-bike wherever you’re inspired to go.

This e-bike has a way of completely eliminating range anxiety and letting you focus on riding wherever the day takes you. With Bikrix’s state-of-the-art dual integrated battery technology, the Juggernaut Ultra Beast is the most extended range, most potent e-Bike with a torque sensor on the market today. The latest version of the Ultra motor with metal reduction gears, SRAM drivetrain, and 160Nm of torque make this most Ultra of Beasts a darn good bit of value for the price.

Pedego Electric Bikes


Originally out of New Port Beach, California, Pedego was started by two best friends that had a passion for making quality e-bikes to delight their customers. The game at Pedego is to make sure riding one of their e-bikes is always a whole lot of fun. They never try to dazzle with over-the-top high-tech gear but aim to give their customers a fantastic thrill-ride every time they gt out there. One of the most popular electric bicycle makers in North American, Podego has dealers popping up all over the United States and Canada.

A foldy that tucks away in as little as thirty seconds, the Latch still somehow feels like a full-size electric. The 36-Volt battery, with either a 10 or 15 Amp-hour capacity, means that the Latch recharges in hours and can take you up to 43-miles on a single charge. The 250-watt motor delivers best-in-class acceleration and hill-climbing, and no doubt you’ll find the power surprising given how quiet it is to ride.

There is no rule that says we ever have to give up our tricycles. And when you have the option to get a high-quality electric one for grownups, you might as well go for it. It’s not going to cut through traffic in the way a two-wheeler would but, this trike is well powered and stable. Unlike your childhood classic, Pedego’s Trike has a Twist-and-go throttle, 5 levels of pedal assist, and LCD display with USB charger. It’s all pushed along by a silver 36-volt brushless geared hub motor with 250-watts of nominal power, providing 30-nm of torque. All of which is to say, this trike is much faster than your last one.

Electric Fat Bike Company


The Electric Fat Tire Bike Company’s reason for being is to take their customers on any path at any time of the year. And with a well-powered fat-tire bike, that is entirely doable! Begining in 2017, the Company has been building a steady following of devotees by sticking to what they know. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have a product range. Fat-tire styling does hardcore mountain trail-ready bikes, urban step-through, and even a cargo carrier, and they are all incredibly comfortable to ride!

This fat-tire is the king of the hill and top of the product list for Electric Fat Tire Bike Company. Its hub motor with 1000-Watts of Brushless Bafang power delivers 86-N.m. torque, meaning up and down hills, all day is easy-work. The battery is also a best-in-class 48V 17.5 Ah Samsung Lithium-Ion. Of course, the whole thing is quality components that are guaranteed to exceed your expectations. There is also a two-year warranty that you are likely never going to need to look at.

Does a fat-tire fold? If it’s an Electric Fat Tire Bike Company e-bike, you most definitely can get a fat-tire to fold. And yet, it’s still one sturdy-looking two-wheeler. This particular model is a front hub motor with a powerful 750W Brushless Bafang that lays down 80N.m. of torque. It’s not shy. As is their way, the batter is no slouch either. A 48V 14.5 Ah Samsung Lithium-Ion delivers all the juice you’ll need. Not to mention it locks on to the frame and requires the key to be inserted for operation as an extra layer of security.

A truly California-styled electric bike maker, Yuba is committed to sustainability. Their bikes are all built using high-quality components furnished by reputable suppliers with the same commitment to moving the world towards a goal of zero emissions. This is a company that strives to make a cleaner, more equitable, inspired new world through electric transportation.

A cargo e-bike designed for active parents and small businesses alike, the Supermarché is a brilliantly useful machine. It adjusts to almost any rider with a low step-through frame, adjustable stem, and seat post. The extra-low front cargo rack, lightweight frame, and double-cable steering mean that it’s a dream to control, no matter what you’re hauling around. The Supermarché, with its Bosch Performance Line 250W, 36V Powerpack 500, is capable of speeds up to 20 mph even when loaded up with kids or cargo.

The Spicy Curry AT is Yuba’s first electric all-terrain cargo bike. A crossover e-bike takes its inspiration from their award-winning Spicy Curry, known for its superior stability and handling, but with some upgraded industry-leading adjustments that give you the confidence and power to tackle even the roughest terrain. It’s pushed along by Bosch’s new Cargo Line Speed motor and a PowerPack 500 battery that delivers up to 28 mph. A genuine crossover bike, the Spicy Curry AT has everything you need for any sort of excursion. Be that shuttling children about town or a weekend wander in the backcountry.

EProdigy Bikes


Since 2011 eProdigy has been a lifestyle product that happens to make darn-fine electric bikes. They’ve always known that making e-bicycles mainstream would require fitting them into people’s busy lives without making them have to think too much about it. Their product needed to simplify their customer’s lives, make their commutes more manageable, and not add another to-do item to their list. And their approach seems to be working. With a full range of Commuter and Recreation e-bikes, eProdigy has become a reliable manufacturer of quality electric bicycles.

Coming in at under 35-pounds, the Fairweather is an ultra-lightweight, mid-drive, carbon-fiber folding e-bike that uses a Gates Carbon Belt Drive™ that is entirely maintenance-free and grease-free. Which is essential if you happen to be carrying it next to a nice pair of slacks. All of this also means that it tucks nicely out of the way when you’re not using it. However, the design is such that it can also be easily rolled along on one wheel while folded up, if say, you’re changing subway trains or going from elevator to office.

This is a premium electric bicycle maker that does things a little differently. They create innovative electronic technology at an affordable price. The Sondors team, do this by bringing together the best engineers from all over the world to custom-build the best possible components at a scale that makes them cost-effective for the end consumer. And then, of course, they cut out the middle-man and deliver you custom specced bike directly to your door. No-fuss, no-muss.

This bike is a true fat-tie masterpiece, with a thumb drive throttle and a top speed of 20 mph. The Panasonic celled battery is a high-quality 48V 17.5Ah Lithium-ion that won’t let you down. And the 500-watt motor with a 7-speed gearbox controlled via a Grip Shifter means you have lots of room to adjust the bike to the terrain. Now, in addition to being a go-anywhere tackle anything sort of ride, this e-bike also looks pretty badass.

This e-bike is the electric hardtail you’ve always wanted. Nothing about this bike is incidental. Everything was planned perfectly and intentionally. With the MXS, SONDORS has created a rugged, high-performance electric mountain bike based on absolute versatility and uncompromising utility. They’ve stacked the deck by including a powerful 750-watt motor and the SONDORS proprietary 48V 17.5Ah Lithium-ion battery. The MXS was genuinely engineered from the ground up for brilliant single-track handling and a balanced, well-rounded ride. Take this bike and go pretty much anywhere.

One of the biggest names in Bikes, Trek, has stepped up to make a seriously good e-bike as well. Of course, it’s not hard to imagine, given the solid bicycle frame and years of cycling experience they have to work with. Whether you’re looking for Urban riding, mountain adventures, road prowess, or just recreational wandering, you are not going to be disappointed with your Trek.

This is a bike for the long ride. It’s an electric mountain bike built for ultimate trail performance. Employing Trek’s lightweight OCLV Mountain Carbon frame paired with a brilliant RockShox suspension setup, the latest wireless electronic drivetrain tech, and the best e-MTB drive system on the market, it does not fail to impress. The Rail 9.9 is made ready to shred right alongside the enduro crowd, but you’ll always beat them up the climbs and get in the most runs with the Bosch Performance Line CX 250W motor that assists up to 20 mph.

The Townie is from Trek’s famous Electra line and puts an electric spin on a well-loved two-wheeler. Combining versatility, technology, and style into the next evolution of e-bikes, the Townie features a Bosch Performance Line motor, integrated battery, SmartphoneHub controller, hydraulic disc brakes, and Trek’s patented Flat Foot Technology® for the ultimate comfort and control.

The makers of the classic London style folding bike, Brompton, got its start back in 1975. Since then, they’ve gone on to win awards and accolades the world over. So it only makes sense that they would build a stand-out electric bike that quickly became a worldwide favorite. After years of being the easy-to-take-anywhere bike, they one-upped making the easy-to-take-anywhere bike that now effortlessly gets you up hills.

With a reputation as a commuter bike for the urban executive, it only makes sense that Brompton would build a pretty stellar e-bike. And so far, there is only the one model. Of course, after you decide to buy, you get to make a series of customization choices. You select the handlebars, the saddle width, the seat post style, 2 or 6 gears, and the color—Gloss black, Gloss Turkish Green, or Bolt lacquer. It’s all run on a 300-watt hub motor powered by a 36V battery that gets you 20 to 45 miles, depending on how hard you push it. It’s really a fantastic urban commuter, and it nicely tucks under your desk when not in use.

A fitness company based in Los Angeles, Ancheer has been designing quality products in the USA for years with manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and China to keep up with their growing international demand. While the company has continued to expand, its core focus remains on customer service. This is why, whether you’ve bought a home gym, a mountain bike, or an e-bike from them, you’re likely to go back for mo

The 26-inch wheels and 1.95-inch high-volume e-cruiser tires ensure this e-bike delivers a luxuriously smooth ride. The 250W motor lets you go as fast as 15 mph for up to 35 miles. It’s all powered by a large-capacity 12.5-AH lithium-ion battery that can be charged on or off the e-bike. The front and rear mechanical disc brakes provide reliable all-weather stopping power, and the 6-Speed gearbox increases hill-climbing power while giving you further range and greater terrain adaptability. It’s a fantastic all-around e-bike for the price.

This fat-tire is equipped with a 48-Volt, 500W high-speed brushless motor to provide exceptional hill-climbing power, which means it has more than enough to handle your daily commute, a cruise on the mountain, or a wander along your favorite trail. And with speeds up to 15 mph, it will get you there quickly. The recent addition of a larger capacity battery means that the current model gets up to 22 miles per charge with the powerful 48-Volt, 10Ah battery. More than enough for a day’s adventure or most commutes to the office and back. The battery is detachable and lets you charge on or off the e-bike. There is also a new upgraded LCD display to help keep track of the battery level and remaining mileage. You can also shift effortlessly between the five different speed modes as you ride. Well built, this e-bike features double-layer aluminum alloy wheel rims, high-strength carbon steel front fork shock absorption, mechanical front, and rear disc-brake design, and a 7-speed professional transmission system. It’s a well-built electric bike, to be sure.

Yamaha Bicycles


If you’re looking for the safest bet in electric bicycles, it’s got to be Yamaha. Not only have these guys been making power-assisted bikes since 1993, way before they were cool. They make pretty much anything you can imagine, and they do it all high quality. Motorcycles, yep. Outboard motors, yep. Highend keyboards, yep. Yamaha is a Japanese maker of high-end, reliable stuff, so you know their e-bikes are top-notch.

This is an electric bike that can do it all—a fast, elegant road bike with a mountain spirit. The standard Maxxis Speed Terrane semi-knobby tires balance out hardcore speed for the pavement and grippy traction in the corners when getting down and dirty. Driving the Wabash is Yamaha’s fabulous PWSeries SE center mount drive unit, which they’ve integrated into the bottom bracket. This provides a low center of gravity for exceptional handling and making full use of the four levels of power assist on this adventure-ready e-bike. Keeping you going is Yamaha’s 500 Watt-hour Lithium-ion battery pack providing reliable and long-lasting energy to get you through your rides. You can charge the battery pack on or off Wabash using the Yamaha high-speed charger.

This is an e-bike for people who don’t see roads for days. It’s for the trail riders and gully jumpers. This is a bike for those folks who aren’t satisfied until every inch of them is covered in dirt. The best technical bit of this e-bike is the new angle sensor that allows the All-New Auto support mode to pull you through pretty much anything. The latest helical driven gears make this an all-around quieter mountain experience, and the brand new programming supports an increased cadence (that now will get up to 170-rpm) and the added push assist feature. Protected in the lower cage of the Dual Twin™ frame sits the 500wh battery protected by a super-strong subframe battery jacket. And then, of course, there are all the other high-end bits you’ve come to expect from a take-no-prisoners electric trail bike from Yamaha.

WING Bikes is one of the more exciting new offerings on the market today. An NYC-based company launched in 2018, these guys were aiming to make quality products for an affordable price. Of course, once their exciting fresh designs and low-budget-shock pricetags started getting around, the company began o expand quickly. Similar in style to the high-end Dutch e-bike company VanMoof, Wings has a few changes that allow them to do things a little differently. Their externally mounted batteries make it so you can charge on or off the bike. And then there is also their motor range that out-powers anything VanMoof has to offer. For such a young company, these guys have done their work and are worth checking out.

The Freedom Fatty is an all-terrain fat-bike intended for the paths less traveled. And rightfully so, they gave it a powerful 750-watt motor and 20×4-inch tires for maximum grip. This classic Fatty is equipped with a unique alarm system and the integrated lights that Wing has become known for in the industry. Made from lightweight aluminum and powered by a lithium-ion 36V 10.4/14ah battery, this e-bike will charge up in about four hours and run a solid 35 to 50-miles per charge.

The Freedom 2 is the next generation of WING’s flagship electric bike designed for urban riding. Equipped with a unique alarm system and integrated lights that Wing is known for, it brings a new smooth new look with its discrete, flush-fit battery. Still fully removable, though, this battery is lightweight and easy to charge on or off the bike. The added swept-back handlebar offers unmatched comfort and handling for maneuvering around heavy traffic. And the total weight of about 40lbs makes this e-bike perfect for city living and easy to carry upstairs.

Rambo Electric Bikes


Driven to provide the ultimate transport machines to people who love the outdoors, Rambo Bikes is a rugged new way to think about getting around. The Rambo Bikes motto is “Know No Limits,” and they work hard to bring you a badass bike that will take you places you haven’t been before. And while they are popular with the hunting, camping, backcountry crowd, their fat-tire bikes are brilliant at the beach or wandering about the city.

This is a backcountry dream on two wheels. This is a bike that’s powerful enough to get you deep into the woods and pull you back out. With dual battery technology totaling 34AH of power pack, and dual 1000-watt hub motors with on-demand both-wheel drive, you never find yourself saying I wish this e-bike had a little more power. You can also seamlessly shift between the front-wheel, rear-wheel, or both on the go! With a maximum speed of up to 30 mph and up to 80 miles of range, you have more than enough room to leave civilization behind.

The unique step-through frame of the Rooster makes for a comfortable cruise for riders of almost any height. And whether you’re off for a weekend at the beach or a camping trip in the mountains, the Rooster delivers precisely what you need. The 750-watt rear hub motor provides enough high-output torque to push through the sand or take a substantial amount of gear into the bush. The seemingly endless accessory options mean you can load this e-bike up with front racks, baskets, saddlebags, or whatever you need. The rear rack comes stock. The Rooster is truly the all-purpose bike you’ve been looking for.

This is a company that is all about the fun of riding. Heavily geared to the urban professional looking for a way to avoid the perils of rush-hour traffic, and yet the design makes their e-bikes perfect for the beach, trail riding, or taking off to your favorite far and away picnic spot. Remember, the idea is fun, and they measure their success in their customer’s SPM or Smiles per miles.

The ultimate fat-tire foldable, Beluga is a super-cool, sturdy, and powerful electric bike for urban adventurers, campers, and wanderers. It’s been particularly popular with the mobile home crowd, as it provides a great way to tool about the campsite or head into town for a bite to eat, and yet it stows away pretty tight. It’s also quite powerful with its 500-Watt geared Hub Motor Drive Integrated Alloy Wheel, supported by a Samsung 48-Volt 10.5Ah Battery that will give you more than 25-miles to a charge. As part of the kit, the folks at Qualisports also toss in the Fenders, Head Light, Rear Light, a Bell, a Tool Bag, Thumb Throttle, a Kick Stand just to get you off and going.

The unique step-through frame of the Rooster makes for a comfortable cruise for riders of almost any height. And whether you’re off for a weekend at the beach or a camping trip in the mountains, the Rooster delivers precisely what you need. The 750-watt rear hub motor provides enough high-output torque to push through the sand or take a substantial amount of gear into the bush. The seemingly endless accessory options mean you can load this e-bike up with front racks, baskets, saddlebags, or whatever you need. The rear rack comes stock. The Rooster is truly the all-purpose bike you’ve been looking for.

Peugeot Electric Bikes


Started by Armand Peugeot in 1882, the bicycle business would eventually lead to the world-renowned cars we all think of when we hear the name Peugeot. Of course, today’s Peugeot cycles are not manufactured by the same folks who make the cars, but the name is licensed to a company specializing in bicycles. However, they are the same folks who make Bianchi the world’s oldest and most prestigious bicycle company. So they know a thing or two about building a bike. With the Peugeot line, they’ve ventured into producing so wonderfully high-quality electric bikes as well. All the old-world charm the brand has come to represent, infused with a modern twist.

An adventure e-bike in the truest sense, the PEUGEOT eT01 Crossover is a comfortable and versatile electric trekking bike. Equipped with Hutchinson Python 2 tires with raised studs, this VTC offers its rider security on slippery terrain. Well-equipped with easy to adapt instruments means that this is an e-bike suited to daily commuting or picking up the shopping and yet also perfect for long weekend rides. It pushes along with a Bosch Performance Line Motor, connected to the formidable Bosch Powertube 500-watt battery pack.

Mountain riding is always a little better knowing you’ve got a bit of juice in the tank to carry you home. And the eM02 does this in spades. Whether you want to be completely self-reliant with a backup or power assist your way through the hills, this is a brilliant mountain bike that also happens to be an e-bike. Like most Peugeot Cycles, this one uses the beautiful Bosch Performance Line Motor and feeds it from the Bosch Powertube 500-watt battery. A bad combination said no one ever. Of course, because it’s a hill bike, you’ll be happy to know it’s got a RockShox Recon RL 29/27,5+ 130 MM fork to support you on the bumps.

Quadrophenia fans, this is your electric bike! The company takes its name from the 1960’s London movement, the Mods. The people were style-conscious trendsetters that knew who they were and couldn’t be told otherwise. Their attention to detail and desire to pave their own path influenced the music, fashion, and art of the era and inspired ModBikes to transform the way people move with electric bikes.

This amazing-looking e-bike will make an enthusiastic out of even the most reluctant rider. It looks like the sort of thing that would turn up in a video for the WHO, so they’ve totally hit the MOD mark with the retro cafe racer styling. But what about the guts. The motor is a MOD DRIVE 750W (Peak 1050W) rear brushless geared hub -Hengtai, and the battery is a Samsung Powerpack – Lithium-ion 48V 13Ah (624Wh). All told, it will get up to 28 mph, and it has a 45 -mile range on a single charge. The frame is built using High-performance 6061 aluminum, and it’s compatible with their sidecar accessory. Need we say more?

Suppose you’re looking for something a little more traditional for urban riding. In that case, the Berlin Step-Thru is a classic yet powerful commuter e-bike with a smart torque sensor for a natural pedaling sensation with a touch of bionic superpowers. The motor is a MODRIVE (Shengyi) 350W (Peak 650W) brushless Mid Drive with 90 Nm of torque, powered by a Samsung Powerpack – Lithium-ion 48V 11.6Ah (557Wh). It will get you up to 28 mph and give you a range of 60-miles.

The folks at Gazelle make 250,000 quality bikes a year. And they do it with considerable passion for being up on two wheels. If there’s one thing, you can say about Gazelle owners, having a blast is top of mind for them. However, as a Royal Dutch company, they also layer on a feeling of sophistication and history to every bike they build. Or, as they say, the only e-bikes with a sense of Heritage.

The best way to arrive at work fast and relaxed might just be with the Ultimate T10+ HMB. With this e-bike, Gazelle created a dynamic contemporary design and combined it with the integrated motor and battery that gives the Ultimate T10+ HMB a striking yet stylish presence. The aluminum frame is remarkably stable, which translates into sporty handling and excellent dexterity on the road. In addition to high-end hardware, a high comfort level has been accomplished using puncture-resistant tires, ergonomic handlebar grips, and a suspension front fork.

The Medeo T10 HMB is an extremely versatile and practical electric bike to tackle everything from the work-week commute to the farmer’s market and pretty much any other errand you have to run. The frame has been artfully designed in a sloping fashion. It incorporates a stylish down tube that combines with the head tube to create a striking silhouette that will impress everyone you pass. With this trusted frame geometry and stable handling, combined with wide tires, a front suspension fork, and ergonomic handlebar grips, the Medeo T10 HMB is the electric bike to complement a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Sebastian Arciszewski

Sebastian Arciszewski

I've been riding electric bikes for eight years and I love the fact that we're entering an age of electrified micro-mobility. Our cities are changing and adapting to the needs that climate change is thrusting upon them. Electrified micro-mobility is the future, and I'm excited to write about it. You can find me on twitter: sebastian_a